Berkshire Silver Blue Adult Cremation Urn

The new Berkshire Silver Blue adult cremation urn features a brilliant cobalt blue coloration with a nickel band highlights.

Berkshire Silver blue adult cremation urn has a 210 cubic inch capacity. Roughly stated, one pound of pre-cremation weight is equal to one cubic inch of volume.

Berkshire Silver blue adult cremation urn has a unique, hard to replicate shape that is sure to make it stand out.

Height is 10.25 inches and diameter is 5.5 inches.

Comes with a threaded, air tight screw on lid to ensure secure closure

This design is copyright protected with Lykinwolfe Inc holding all associated rights.

A complimentary velvet pouch is included with purchase.

Satisfaction with the Berkshire Silver Blue adult cremation urn is guaranteed. Please contact us for immediate resolution if not happy with your urn.

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